DIY House Numbers Made out of Plywood

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I’m on a roll with plywood. It’s my wood of choice at the moment. That may be because we finally own a jigsaw and I’m getting comfortable using it. I told Luke the other day that we needed to up the ante with power tools. Next step, table saw… maybe. Anyways, I’ve been brainstorming ideas to make our front and back outside areas more homey. We plan on investing a little bit every year in the outside, but I’ve been trying to think of cheaper things that I could make that would fit in with our style. So, I came up with DIY House Numbers. We didn’t have any house numbers, so I wasn’t replacing any. We managed to make these for free which is HUGE with house renovations. So, if you want a fun little tutorial, follow along.

DIY House Numbers

My numbering got a little wonky (sorry), so try to ignore that part.

Find a font that you like and print it out at approximately the size you want (I sized to 8×11 because I wanted oversized).  Try it out in the space to make sure you like the font and size.


1.  Print all the numbers out and lay them on a piece of plywood (we used the smallest scrap that we had).

Steps one and two of cutting out plywood house number DIY

2. Using a marker, trace your numbers.

3. Using a jigsaw, cut your numbers out.

4. Lightly sand. Using spray paint, apply primer and two thin coats of paint. Let dry (24 hrs). Apply a light varnish (very light otherwise it will yellow) to help make it weather-resistant.

5. Use alligator (that’s what I call them) hangers and nail them to the back of each number.


6. Use a drill bit used for brick and drill in to each brick. Use brick and mortar nails to hang them. I picked a modern skinny font and that gave us less options for hanging the numbers. If you choose a fatter font then you could use brick hangers.


Enjoy your cute new house numbers.

DIY House Numbers made out of Plywood

DIY House Numbers

And, the best part of this project is that it was free. We had everything on hand.

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  1. says

    They look great! I’m trying ease myself into more power tools and this inspires me to try the jigsaw next!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog from the Link Party Palooza. Ive followed you on your social media and hope youll accept my invitation to follow back. Xo.

    • says

      Thanks! Definitely try the jigsaw next! My first project was making a cat door out of a regular door and the next one was a cow (with chalkboard butcher cuts painted in). It really is something that is doable, but not scary.

    • says

      Thanks Katie! The jigsaw is definitely one of those easy tools to use. I haven’t graduated from it yet, as I’m still loving the things that I can make with it. Coming over to link-up.

  2. says

    Oh man! I was just telling my husband that it is high time that we do a little spruce up to the front of our house and these would be a great thrift project! Pinning! Thanks for linking up at The Makers.

  3. says

    These look great, love the oversized look. I have little black and white numbers on my garage and have been wanting to do something bigger on a front porch pillar. I may be trying this come summer. Thanks!

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