Eat-In Kitchen Reveal

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Today is the day! Yay! I’m thrilled with how the eat-in kitchen looks and just can’t wait to share it. It seems like we were working right up to the wire (exactly like the guest bedroom for the last One Room Challenge) but, for some reason, it wasn’t quite as stressful as the last time around. We finished the DIY plank wall a few weeks ago, and just managed to finish the bench seat over the weekend. From there on it was just decor and small fixes. Ok, enough yapping right?! Thanks again to Linda at Calling It Home for organizing this challenge. Ok, Here’s the Eat-In Kitchen Reveal!Modern and Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen Reveal with a DIY Plank Wall and DIY Bench Seat

Gorgeous, right? Let’s dive right in and I’ll provide a before and after at the end. You don’t want to miss that!

*Edited 12/30/15 – We’ve opened a shop on Society 6 to sell prints of the Highland Cow. You can see all the options in the shop

Modern and Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen Reveal with a DIY Plank Wall and DIY Bench Seat

We started the eat-in kitchen with a pretty blank slate. Last year, I ripped all the wallpaper off the walls, painted the walls white and then painted the window trim black. When the One Room Challenge started this time around, I knew I wanted to put up a plank wall.

We put up the plank wall within in the first two weeks of the challenge. It made such a difference!

After the plank wall, I slowly started making pillows.  I couldn’t stop making pillows. Seriously, I had so much fun.

Modern and Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen Reveal with a DIY Plank Wall and DIY Bench Seat

Next, I tinkered with the art for the stairwell for like two weeks! I wanted a bigger gallery wall but, in the end, simple was best.


Modern and Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen Reveal with a DIY Plank Wall and DIY Bench Seat

I recovered the chairs with some fun fabric (non-upholstery fabric – I’m a wild child!). I adore the pairing of the chair fabric with the cowhide rug. I’m shocked that I went with a cowhide, but I totally LOVE it.

Modern and Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen Reveal with a DIY Plank Wall and DIY Bench Seat

During the first week of the challenge, I planted some herbs in my hanging pots. I wanted them to grow, baby, grow. They grew a little bit but not a ton.

Modern and Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen Reveal with a DIY Plank Wall and DIY Bench Seat

During one of the middle weeks of the challenge, I made the leather cushions for the metal chairs. I’m super proud of those DIY Leather cushions. They solved a huge problem for us and totally make those chairs.

The last DIY for the space is the bench seat. The tutorial will be coming soon (it’s so simple)! I really love what it adds to the space and I love that I can extend the table (we have two more extenders for it!) and could fit around 12 people comfortably.

Modern and Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen Reveal with a DIY Plank Wall and DIY Bench Seat

Overall, we are thrilled with the space. My husband painted the highland cow last year, and I knew I wanted to focus the whole design around that piece. Scotland has a special place in our hearts so it’s a nod to that for us. I think the overall feel of the space, totally feels like us and goes with the rest of the house. And… it goes great with our kitchen… which is close to being completely remodeled! Yay!

Want to see the before/after?  *It’s not the exact same angle, but it’s close. We still have the original railing which you can see in some of the previous photographs.

Eat-in kitchen before and after

If you’re new here, I would love to have you stick around and follow Bigger Than The Three of Us on all our upcoming projects!

A very special thanks to the Sponsors who made this project possible: Hawthorne Threads, Leather Hide Store, Minted and Rug Pad USA.

*This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click to read my full disclosure policy.


Light –  Plank Wall (DIY) – Leather Pillows (DIY but Leather from Leather Hide Store) – Leather Cushion (DIY) – Pillows (DIY but Fabric from Hawthorne Threads) – Hide RugECO Friendly Rug Pad3 Inch Cushion for Bench Seat (Best Pricing EVER!) – Highland Cow Painting (DIY) but BUY PRINTS HEREMirrorFleur Foil Pressed ArtShadow Shimmer Art – Metal Chairs – Vintage Danish Table and Chairs (similar) – Hanging Planters

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  1. says

    Ashley!! That space is too, too amazing! I can’t even pick a favorite spot. And your husband painted that cow? Um, ridiculous. I couldn’t agree with you more that those fabrics are perfection. I just love it all. Such a stellar job!

  2. says

    I can’t believe you painted that cow! Holy wow. I love this transformation! The planks are incredible and I love the juxtaposition of them with the iron railing. Your colour palate is so pretty and I love how you’ve mixed such beautiful textures. Great job!

  3. says

    Oh my gosh Ashley I am OBSESSED with your dining room! I don’t even know what to type right now except you have amazing style and this room is uber inspiring. I can’t even decide what my favorite part is but I’m pretty sure if this room was in my house, it’s where I would be all the time. Love it!!

  4. says

    I didn’t do a great job of following along with other ORC posts this year bc I was swamped with my own but I am so glad I had a minute to stop by here this morning. I am so in love with this room! Love all the pillows- very Emily Henderson and that’s the biggest compliment I can give a person :)

  5. says

    Oh, I LOVE it! I totally understand why you designed the room around your cow painting – it’s great. The light fixture too! And… if you can’t stop making pillows then feel to come by here!

  6. says

    Absolutely charming, beautiful, fun, cozy, everything! What an fantastic space to gather. I’m in love with the cow painting! How talented is your hubby? I thought for sure it was a print! The chair fabric and cushions are perfect. Glad you took the risk on the decorative weight fabric. 😉 Pinning for sure! Going to use the as ammo to coerce my husband to build me a dining room built-in some day (we have the nook for it!).

    • says

      Thanks Brittany. Seriously, I wish I had the painting talent! I’ve been trying to get him to do a mini blog series on painting. Fingers crossed that I can convince him. lol. Oh, you definitely need a built-in. It was pretty simple and such a bang for your buck type project.

  7. says

    You guys did such an amazing job with this!!! Your husband should open an Etsy shop because that cow is too cool and totally makes the space. You have such a great eye for mixing modern, rustic, and minimal together where it stays feeling so warm and inviting. I can think of about 12 fellow ORCers who could fit around that table for drinks :) Congrats friend!

    • says

      I agree with you on it making the space. I’ve been trying to convince him to do a mini art series for the blog (so far I’ve had no luck). Oh my, would that not be the best thing ever?! I’m an expert margarita maker. =)

    • says

      Thanks Charlotte! I love the light. Seriously, that’s the one place we haven’t scrimped in this house and it has totally paid off for us. Good lights… love. The kitchen is coming along and it looks good together so far. Fingers crossed.

    • says

      You totally should! It was pretty simple (tutorial coming soon!). I think the key to our space is having a dining room table that has extra extenders. It would be tight in there with 12 but definitely doable.

    • says

      Thanks Lindsey! I went back and forth on that fabric because it’s not upholstery weight. In the end though, it wasn’t pricey so I can always replace it. Oh, thanks for letting me know on the hide. I was hoping it would hold up well but just wasn’t sure.

    • says

      haha. All my blogging friends have been telling me that it’s so me! I asked Luke last night if that was a good thing or bad thing! lol. Thanks so much Brynne. I really love added leather accents. I think it helped warm the space up.

  8. says

    I want to come over & dine in your new space it is so inviting. The plank wall, the painting & the light are my favourite elements in the space & the colour pallet is lovely. Well Done! Hollie

      • Christi Chambers says

        Sounds good!! We’re coming through next week, but we’ll only be there a day!!! We actually moved up to Illinois just a couple weeks ago, so we’re a little closer now… I think we’ll be making it down there a little more often. Would love to meet the little man!

  9. says

    He painted the cow??!! That is one talented man, and it really does make the space. Paired up with all those fabulous fabrics and the rich woods, it looks amazing! What a transformation. Enjoy this beautiful space!

  10. says

    You guys did an amazing job! The room looks fantastic! All the little details like the leather chair cushions really make a difference in the coziness of the space. I use Non-upholstery fabric for upholstery projects too. Shhh. Don’t tell!

  11. says

    Look at that room! I love how your inspiration came from your husband’s cow painting (which is incredible all in itself!) Everything ties together so well, but I sure do love all those pillow you made, and of course, that amazing plank wall. Beautiful job!

  12. says

    Love the new look of this dining space!! The before was pretty but it’s definitely got the “wow” factor now. You really did a great job!!! :)

  13. says

    OH my gosh, I love this! That highland cow painting and the cowhide are so awesome! We have a cowhide under our dining room table also and love it. Your plank wall turned out amazing, and even the railing looks good with your little gallery wall. So beautiful, great job!

    • says

      Oh good to know that you love the one that you have under the table. I was really hoping it would work long-term under there. The railing isn’t my favorite, but the quote I got to replace (all the railing in our house – which they all match) was about $7000 which is totally out of the budget right now. Thanks again for stopping by!

  14. Vanessa says

    Ashley! I love it! Do you think I can talk Kevin into the DIY Planked Wall….???? I love how you take a Christmas cactus plant and turn it into something so cool!! Your whole transformation is awesome.

  15. Vickie says

    Someone else might have mentioned this already, I did not read the other comments. If you have any small children visiting, put something very large on the end of your bench so no one takes a header over the rail and down the stairs. I have a friend who almost learned the hard way. She is in the process of taking the railing up high so it is safe.


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