DIY Towel Rack (Hanger)

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How was your weekend? We had a pretty good one. We had family time, house-working time, good meals and even a few hours away on Saturday (kid-free) for wine-tasting. So, yep, I call that a pretty good weekend.

One thing that we wrapped up this weekend, was a little project (a DIY Towel Rack Hanger).  I had this towel hanger on my “buy” list for quite some time.


$14 for that towel hanger is a good deal, but I never pulled the trigger. Well, a few months ago, our towel hook fell off the wall and broke and I finally decided that I have had enough of not having a towel hook. To be fair, this bathroom sink doesn’t get used very often. Catty-corner to it is another bathroom area (with a sink, shower and toilet). So, that is the sink we usually use. But, not having a towel there is annoying when we do wash in this one, so I decided to change that.


I could have bought the towel hanger above and spray painted it, but I went a different route. Do you have a wire clothes hanger and a scrap of leather? If so, you have everything to do this. =)

I’m going to let the pictures explain the process for the most part.

Wire hanger to octagon bath rin

Straighten out your hanger and then start making your bends (we bent at 4 inches all the way around). One thing to make note of, it’s best to start at 1/2 of what you want your lenghs to be. For example, we wanted 4 inch straight pieces, but we started with 2 inches and then bent so that we came back around to the top where we would have another 2 inch piece. The 2 inch pieces will get glued in to the leather hanger below.

Wire bending to create a hexagon towel hook

Octagon towel ring

DIY Towel bar out of a clothing wire

The bathroom hasn’t changed much since I showed it last. We are still loving our DIY Grouted Vinyl tile and bright yellow wall.

Modern and bright master bathroom nook

We did relocate the watercolor art to this small wall of the bathroom. I think it really works well between the bright yellow wall and the blue wall in the bedroom.

DIY Watercolor art in master bathroom nook

This Tutorial will show you how to make a modern DIY Towel Rack (Hanger)

Use an old wire to make a hexagon towel ring by Bigger Than The Three of Us

So, another up-cycling project. Crazy, right? Reusing what we have must be on my brain lately. As long as it works, I’m game.

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  1. says

    This SO caught my eye at our link party! Love the geometric aspect of it and you did an excellent job replicating the Urban Outfitter’s one. Thanks so much for sharing at our party!

  2. says

    This is such an amazing upcycle project and I can’t believe it’s from a wire hanger! I like the look of the wire against the leather too, even more than the urban outfitters version. Thanks for sharing at The Makers!

  3. says

    Hi Ashley! Your towel hanger is a party feature at The Makers link party this week! Thanks so much for sharing your super awesome creativity, and we hope you will stop by again this week. Don’t forget to grab a button :)

    -Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  4. says

    The entire space is stellar! I actually found a wire hanger at work and snatched it up a few weeks ago. I haven’t owned one in years. Haha. I’m pinning it so I can use this as one of my projects for the 6 weeks of Pinterest challenge. You clever, clever gal!

  5. says

    What a great idea! So clever and simple to make. I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post on 3/28 if you don’t mind.

  6. says

    Found your blog through google images “hexagon towel ring” since I too have had that in my Urban Outfitters shopping cart but couldn’t click the checkout button! Oh course now it’s on backorder, which at first I couldn’t find and freaked out thinking they didn’t sell it anymore. But I love this DIY-thank you so much!

    • says

      How fun! It’s still working great at our house, but it’s not a sink that is used much. If you plan on using it, then I would recommend buying bendable steel from Lowes. They have some for cheap and it would be a better long-term option if it’s a high use area. Thanks for stopping by and I hope it works great for you!


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