Burlap and Reindeer Wreath Ornament

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I just keep telling myself to “keep on truckin.” This is now Day 8 in the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and we are closing in on the finish line! I never knew I was so crafty! Ha! Anyways, I’m sharing another simple ornament that anyone can replicate.

Reindeer and Burlap Ornament-1

This little ornament had a funny beginning. By the time we got to eight ornaments, I had lost some creativity. Not that this one isn’t creative, but I was just having problems making ideas in my head work in real-life. Anyone else have that problem? I’ll share more on that in a second.

Moose and Burlap DIY Ornament-2

So, I started with a wooden reindeer (.29 at Michaels). I stamped the edges with black ink and then covered it in plaid scrapbook paper.

Moose and Burlap DIY Ornament-1

Then I started on the wreath. I had some dried silver greenery type stuff (I’m not sure what it’s called) in our craft box, so I started forming that into a wreath-like form.

Moose and Burlap DIY Ornament-3

I totally hated that when I did it, so then I covered that whole silver thing in burlap. From there I hot glued the reindeer on top of the wreath.

Moose and Burlap DIY Ornament-4

It’s definitely pretty rustic. I like how it turned out, but it just doesn’t scream “me”. But, when you are making this many ornaments, I guess you can make a few that are cute. I can totally see me using this as a gift tag for my sister (who loves this type of decor).

Reindeer and Burlap Ornament-1

So, what do you think of my Burlap and Reindeer Wreath Ornament?

*Some of the products in this post were bought with a gift card provided by Michaels.

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