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  1. Kelsey

    Love these!

    I could be crazy, but I think I saw a cat in one of your posts. Can I ask, does your cat like to poke around your plants, and if so how you keep them out? I have two very curious boys who love to eat anything I put in reach!


    • Ashley Mayes

      We used to have a cat years ago but haven’t had one in forever. So, no advice on that. On the little boys, I’m not sure. Mine is a follow directions type kid so if I told him no and that they can be poisonous… he wouldn’t touch. But, I know most kiddos are more curious so, you might have to keep them hanging from the window sills or high on a shelf until they get older.

  2. Christin

    Love the suggestions. We have plants in nearly every room. Wish my kids would water theirs. The Agave, does it need to be in a warmer climate? We get meh sun in the Midwest from now until Spring. Also, where did you get that area rug? Love it.


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