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This is another installment of “Naptime Projects.” Basically, as its name implies, a project that can be completed during one nap. This project has been on my mind for 6+ months! Can you believe that something that can be completed in an hour or so just never got done? Man, I hate those types of things.

Alright, let me back up. We have moved our television and console around a few times, even changing consoles completely. We finally found a set-up that works for right-now (until we find the perfect console). The “console” that we are using is actually the sideboard from the dining room. The sideboard has higher legs than our previous console so you can see underneath it.

Do you see my issue?

How to hide electrical cords with a modern console


Part of the issue of not taking care of it was that I never sit down to watch tv until after the little guy goes to bed. By that time, I’m done with projects and cleaning. So, every night I get reminded about this ugliness but never take care of it. Well, last week I actually remembered during the day and started working on it.  My set-up ended up being pretty easy.

First thing that I did was zip-tie the cords together. I did that in three different spots with multiple different cords.

Zip-tie cords together to manage the amount of cords that you have

The second thing I did was to hunt the house for a multiple prong electrical outlet that either would mount to the wall (with holes for screws) or plug directly in to the socket. I found the latter one.

Electrical outlets for hiding cords

With those two changes, the cords were no longer visible. It seriously makes quite the difference not seeing that extra junk. Then, I motivated myself to decorate just a bit on top of the console and, low and behold, that helped as well.

Hide those electrical cords using zip-ties

Media console in living room with tapered legs

TV console styling with vases and a light

DIY Sunburst Light

How to style a media console

Media console styling

Long and skinny media console with styling

Tips and Tricks for hiding ugly cords in the living room

It seems pretty silly, but it’s just one of those things that helps make spaces feel put together and clean. Also, I pinned this awesome trick for mounting electrical power strips and thought I’d share.

Decorating the Front Porch : On a Budget

 It’s that time of the year where pumpkins, corn stalks and hay bales are everywhere. Our neighborhood is especially bountiful with fall decor. The natural landscape of the neighborhood is just beautiful, but people who live here really care about making their house homey. So, that usually entails beautiful holiday decorating. Not that we have to keep up with the Jones’s (because common, we work on a budget here), but I felt disgusted with the lack of Fall cheer. Well, that combined with our four-year-old pointing out that he really liked the decorations in the other yards (raising him right, ya’ll). So, I started looking around the house and came up with a few easy things that made our front porch season appropriate. The best part about it is that the total cost was FREE. Seriously, anyone can do these things and I think you will see that Fall decor doesn’t have to break the bank to be pretty. Not that I would be complaining about it if I had the extra mulah to spend on lots of pumpkins and extras.

Back in the Summer, our front porch looked like this:

Front Porch with bunting and DIY wreath and rug

It was cute and perfect for the Summer, but it didn’t fit for Fall at all. The agave plants had to be taken inside due to the weather and the swag fabric bunting was looking a bit worse for wear. The himmeli wreath held up perfectly though and I thought it would transition well for Fall/Winter with just a little help.

I had some scrap fabric laying around and I just wove it in and around the inside triangle pieces of the wreath.

Fall Inspired Himmeli Wreath by Bigger Than The Three Of Us

I decided to make another one so that I would have two to hang on the front doors.

Cozied Up Himmeli Wreaths on Front Doors DIY

A quick trip to the park yielded a whole crate of pinecones. I had thought to do something else with them, but in the end I just really liked them in the crate.

Collected Pinecones for DIY Fall Decor

A very casual Fall-ish blanket laid over the bench created a warm vibe; as did the recovered pillow.

DIY Fall Decor on the Cheap

Fall Porch Decor by Bigger Than The Three OF US

Above the bench needed some love and a DIY Arrowhead was just the ticket. The funny thing about the arrowhead is that I’ve been on Luke for the last two years’ about making something Chiefs (in a non-tacky way… well if you can do it in a non-tacky way. lol) He has been dead against it. So, I’ve been texting him pictures of 6ft flags that I’ve been threatening to buy and put in our yard. Anyways, I’m not sure what gave… but I have my arrowhead now. =)

DIY Arrowhead By Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Front Porch Himmeli Wreaths for Fall by Bigger Than The Three OF Us

The pumpkin hanging and the red crate were both things that were on hand.

Decorating your Front Porch for Fall

Front Porch Fall Decor Decorating

The rug was a DIY from last year (which I still love).

Seriously, for $0 out of pocket I’m so happy with our little front porch. It sparked more and more ideas for Christmas and I almost can’t wait to bust out some of that decor.

Decorating for Fall On a Budget by Bigger than the three of us

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Front Porch and Living Room Updates

Happy Friday! I’m a tad bit sad to see the weekend this week. Have you ever had the problem? I have the craziest weekend with sessions and a baby shower. It’s just going to be go, go go! But, I did mention to Luke that I want to fit in a little bit of time to finish up a few projects that we have going on. Seriously, I am soooo close with our front porch fall makeover.

I snagged two pictures off my IG feed to show you the direction of where I’m going.

Decorating for fall with upcycled pillows

free decorating for fall with natural resources

It’s feeling homey, modern and somewhat simplistic; which I feel is us. So far, so good.

Another project that I’ve been working on is getting rid of all the cream trim in the living room. I’ve been slowly painting all of it bright white. The doorways and crown moulding were done awhile back and then the built-in was finished a few weeks ago. The built-in sparked the large window and baseboards.

Can you believe that it used to look like this?

Blogger Christmas Decor

Holy Moly, I dug that picture out of the archives and I can’t believe how far our living room has come in a year! Crazy beans.

Anyways, the window is done here but the baseboards are still in progress:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 6.53.32 AM

It made such a huge difference! I can’t wait to put everything back and take some pictures to update y’all.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Affordable Art Prints

  While I was working on the gallery wall in the living room, it got me thinking about new art. Luke and I both enjoy new art (inexpensive and expensive) and if we were well-off (ha!) we could see ourselves being some sort of art collectors. But, as our budget is small, we have to look more and more to prints. There are cute prints out there though and it’s been forever and a day since I rounded up some of my favorites; so I thought I’d round some up now. You can see my last round-up here.

I could see one or two of these making it in to our living room gallery wall and I could see a few other ones taking over some other spots through our house.
Affordable Art Prints by Bigger Than The Three Of Us

top row, left to right: 1, 2, 3

middle, left to right: 1, 2, 3

bottom, left to right: 1, 2

Do you have a favorite?

The Evolution and Reveal of the Built-in

You guys, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with this little makeover. I wish I would have done it eons ago! Seriously. But, as with everything, I’m such a slow decorator/decision-maker when it comes to house stuff. So, maybe it all happens at the right time.

Anyways, I pulled up two pictures of the last time I showed the living room (back in June when I painted the crown moulding):
Living Room Built-In Before

That cabinet is pretty bad, right?

Living Room Built-in Original to House

One day in August I got tired of looking at it and took the jigsaw to the scroll part on top. Then, it stayed like that for like two months. Finally, last week, I had just had enough. I took off the glass door, ripped off the checkered wrapping paper and painted the whole thing bright white.

I was left with a bright white cabinet with glass shelves and glass backboard (the people who built this house LOVED glass… we have it everywhere!). I wasn’t feeling the plain glass, so I tried a few options.

Fabric Options for built-in corner bookcase in Living Room

I kinda loved the yellow, but I’m getting away from the yellow in the main rooms. So, onto the other options. I finally decided on the bottom right, farthest right one.

I measured the glass backboard and then cut two panels of fabric. I used push pins to attach the fabric to the inside wood.

Use Tacks to temporarily put up fabric in a bookshelf

I decided to stick with the push pins long-term because, after I tried the different fabrics out, I realized you couldn’t even see them once they were put up. Plus, it makes it much easier to change the fabric out when I get bored.

From there, I used a screwdriver to push the fabric down between the crease of the wood and the glass.

Use a screwdriver to push the fabric down

Fabric lined bookcase DIY

Once I had the panels and the glass in, I had to address the old hinge area.

Filling Hinge Holes in a built-in cabinet

I just used what I had on hand to fill the hinge spot. I filled it and then let it dry. I sanded after it was dry and then filled and sanded again.

After the hinge area was taken care of, I loaded some stuff on the built-in and then was less than impressed. It just seamed a bit too “pretty” or something.

Closeup of Built-in

DIY Fabric Lined Bookcase

I had some scrap plywood leftover from when we made the DIY Anthropologie Mirror, so we decided to cut that the same size as the glass shelves.

Cutting plywood for shelving

We used a jigsaw (our tool of choice) and cut the shelves out.

Use a jigsaw to cut plywood for shelves

We then layered the wood over the original glass shelves. We did this to make the shelves extra sturdy.

Use plywood to layer over glass to warm up a shelf

Putting the shelves back in was a bit annoying, because I had to redo the back panels.

After I got the panels back up and put the decor back in, it felt like us.

Built-in Corner Cabinet in Living Room

Built-in Corner Makeover

The feather art is a free printable that you can get here.

Built-in Makeover DIY

DIY Built-In Corner Cabinet Fabric LIned Makeover

Both wooden picture frames and the white candle holder are thrifted.

Cabinet Makeover for Built-in

Flipped Books in Built-in Shelf Styling

Shelf Decorations for Built-in

The straw geometric shape was inspired by this tutorial from Vintage Revivals.

Gold Alligator DIY for Built-in Shelving

The gold alligator was a DIY from the summer.

Modernize a built-in with a few easy stesps

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