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I was going to get this post out on Friday and then say  “see ya on the flip side next year”, but alas, today is Monday and that’s when it’s finally going out. I just can’t seem to get my stuff together this month. I’m lagging behind and feeling ragged in every aspect of my life right now… it’s not a pretty place, trust me. =)

As I’m getting ready to sign off for the year, I’ve been thinking about next year. Well, that’s not exactly true, I’ve been thinking about next year for about a month now. I’ve been thinking about how I want to do things differently or the same, what I want to accomplish, what I want to inspire me, etc. My blogging friend, Jennifer from Brave New Home wrote the best post last month. She decided things that she wanted to do with her blog/life and just put it out there. As I was reading it, I just kept thinking “me too, me too”.

So, I’m going to take Jennifer’s post idea and clue you in on some changes I want to make.

Getting Back to our Roots : In the beginning, this blog was mainly about home renovations. I want to get back to that. Not 100% because, well, our life is full right now. But, I want to steer that direction with one post a week being gritty home stuff.

Social Interaction : I want to be more careful with the things I say “yes” to. I love meeting new blogging friends, seriously, it’s the most fun. It’s like having a friend in your life who “gets it” with home reno, projects and decorating. But, I need to rethink my values and what my strengths are before I commit to blogging parties/hops.

Compensated Posts : Again, on this one, I need to be 100% sure that what I’m committing to fits in with what I want to accomplish in our house. I took on a few posts that added “extra” stress to our life when it really didn’t fit in to what I wanted to accomplish around the house. That being said, I am and will always be 100% truthful in my reviews and I did do that. I just need to reevaluate better when I’m offered something if it fits in to our time frame and what we are working on at that time.

Worry Less : I hesitate to pull the trigger on a post here or there, because I wonder how it will be perceived. For example, I have a design board for our guest bedroom with plans for it that I haven’t posted because I wonder if my readers can keep up with what I’m doing in the kitchen, hallway bathroom and Greyson’s room. That’s just me though and I need to let me be me more. I’m scattered on house renovations/design partly because of money (we move to projects that we have stuff for) and partly because of time. I wish I could finish one project from start to finish, but I can’t. So, I just need to stop worrying about it and just post what I want to post. Definitely easier said than done.

I think that’s it. I hope you guys have the very best Christmas and New Year’s! See you in the new year!

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas

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Top Posts of 2014

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I had fun looking through my anayltics and determining what posts people liked best over the year. You can gauge this by many factors (pin count, visits, comments, etc). I did a quick average of of the visits, pin count and comments and came out with my top sixteen. It was fun looking back over these posts to see what all we accomplished this year. It’s easy to get discouraged by the lack of progress, but looking back over some of these DIY’s helped reassure me that we are transforming our home slowly but surely.


Master Bedroom Reveal

Light and Airy Master Bedroom

Anthropologie Knock-Off Lotus Mirror

DIY Plywood Mirror Knockoff

DIY Bamboo Shades for $10

Bamboo Shades DIY

Ombre Wood Art

Ombre DIY Wood Stencil Art

Simple DIY Towel Hanger

DIY Towel Hanger

Spring House Tour

Modern Front Porch Spring Decor

Urban Outfitter Inspired DIY Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella Refresh

Upcycled Kitchen Pendant

Upcycled Kitchen Pendant DIY

Hide those Cords Hiding Media Cords

Modern Travel Coin Display DIY Travel Wall Art

Zara Home Knock-Off

Zara Home KnockOff

Plywood House Numbers

DIY House Numbers

Leather Belt Plant Hanger

Leather Belt Plant Hanger

Playset Add-On

Playset Add-ON DIY

Upcycled Mini-Blind Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror on the Cheap

Carpet Stain Removal

Remove Carpet Stains the Easy Way

Quite a few of the most popular posts were DIY posts in our bedroom, which totally makes sense since that’s our most finished room in the house. I would suspect our Kitchen remodel will take over being top during the next year, but I guess we will see how much we accomplish.

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me while I reminisce.

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Simple Trace and Cut Advent Calendar

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I wasn’t even going to share this little DIY because it’s so simple, but I decided, heck… why not?! A few weeks ago, I decided to do an advent calendar again. The little guy really liked it last year, so I thought it would be fun. I was just going to go to Target and buy something out of the $1 bin and write the numbers on it, but I never made it up there. Kinda weird, not to make it to Target, right? My husband would definitely say so! But anyways, on a day that we stayed home the little man wanted to craft so I decided to see what I could do to make an advent calendar.

We have an old crib spring that we hung the calendar on last year and I already had that set up in the entryway circle. The little guy’s decorating took over that area for Christmas. So, I knew the advent needed to be bright and fun to match the decor of where it was going. I gathered some cute wrapping paper and decided to print out a template for a Christmas tree. I did a google search for a printable Christmas tree and lots of options came up. I went with one that had clean lines. From there, I cut out the template and traced it on the back of the wrapping paper. I alternated every other day to have two different patterns of paper and that was it. It took me about an hour and the little guy loves it! So simple, yet pretty rewarding.

Easy and Free Advent Calendar DIY

Quick and Free Advent DIY

I love advent calendars and, next year, I may try this one by Jen Loves Kev. It’s just beautiful!

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Printable Gift Tag Round-Up

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Hi Guys! So, I had grand plans to have cute wrapped presents this year with coordinated wrapping paper. Well, sometimes, this thing called ‘life’ happens and plans don’t turn in to reality. Know what I mean? So, instead of having cute wrapped presents with adorable gift tags, I’m just going to share the gift tags that I love right now. I’ve been secretly pinning them; everyone knows that you can have private Pinterest boards, right? So I have a few adorable ones to share with you.

Make sure to visit the link and pin from original sources.

Love the ” No Peeking” tag!


via Shanty 2 Chic

I would love to use these tags paired with kraft paper for a simple, gorgeous look.


Via Kelli Murray

How stinkin’ adorable would these be with some embroidered santa hats on top of the heads? Next year, these will make it under the tree!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.58.32 AM

via Sweet Paul Mag

Calligraphy gets me every time. There are quite a few options in this download and all of them are elegant and gorgeous!


via Babble 

Those are my favorites from Blogland! Next year, I WILL have ink in my printer and I WILL be on top of it. Remind me, k?

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Greyson’s Room – The Closet Issue

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So, we’ve had our little guy’s room “in-progress” for like two years now. I just want to get it done and call it done. It’s so close! Seriously! We have all the big ticket items: the bed, mattress, dresser, storage, rug, etc. All we need to do is finish the extras. We do plan on doing a hand-painted wall mural (which I am super excited to do) and I think I got Luke on board to do it during the few days he has off around Christmas. I’m really excited.

So, besides the wall mural, there are a few things that need to be addressed. Let’s talk about the closet today. Fair warning, this photo was not censored and, yes, this is what the closet looks like 90% of the time!

How to organize a Closet for a toddler

So, I don’t know if it is obvious what is wrong from the picture or not. Basically, you have to have the right closet door shut to open/close the door to the room. The room door hits the closet door all the time. Anyone would have a hard time remembering to always close the door (or to open the door to the closet then close the door to the room) but with a preschooler, it’s that much harder. So, about a year ago, we took the right closet door off the hinge so that the two doors didn’t hit. We never put it back on or addressed the issue.

Toddler Room Closet Issue DIY -1

This isn’t related to what I’m talking about, but totally check out that beautiful white door compared to the yellow dingy doors! We’ve made it so far in getting rid of all the dingy doors and baseboards, but as you can tell… we still have more to go!

Ok, back to closet door/room door issues.

Basically, I think there are three options to solve this.

Option 1

 Hang curtains instead of doors. Dana from HouseTweaking did this and it looks so good! She has them in quite a few of their rooms. Some inside mount (inside closet) and others mounted with a curtain rod on the outside.

I found another curtain option at HGTV.

Using curtains as closet doors in rooms

They used a hospital curtain track to mount the curtains. I can’t really tell if if’s mounted on the door jam or on the inside, but I do like the look of it.

Option 2

I think his room could pull off a modern-style barn door.

I like this one by BHG but his room would have to have a double-wide that rolled to the left-side.

Modern Sliding Barnwood Door

Here’s a pretty modern example of a double-wide via Houzz.

Modern Barnwood Doors

One concern that I have with this option is that they are all shown open. They are pretty when they are open, but that defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to do (hide the clutter in the closet). When you look at a few images with the door closed, your eye immediately gets drawn to the track. When the door is open, it’s a nice visual for your eye and the track just kind of blends in.

Option 3

Half closet / Half Reading Nook

I can’t quite picture how this would work exactly. We can’t get rid of all of our hanging clothes. We need some space to hang stuff and a few shelves. Right now, everything is so disorganized. I could pair down more when I got organized.

Maybe something like this:


(image unknown )

We are not as minimalistic (wish we were) as the owners of that closet but I could have a shelf on the top with some baskets with toys and junk. That option gets rid of the closet doors, but still allows for some hanging clothes without it looking crazy.

Here’s another similar one:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.12.23 PM

I don’t know. Anyone have any good ideas? This is what’s halting the progress in his room. I wish I could just finish it up and call it done! Anyways, I would love any ideas you guys have!

Image Credits : HGTV, BHG, Houzz, Unknown, and Ballard Remodel

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