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A small change that made a big impact

I was trying to decide exactly what to share today and was having problems with it. To be honest, I’ve been doing ALOT of grunt work lately. You know the kind, the ugly hard work that has to be done before you can have a blank slate. Yep, that kind. Well, I’m close to having a clean, blank slate. Once I get there, I know I will feel more inspired, but now, I’m feeling a bit blah. Looking at ugliness will do that to a person. =)

So, I’ll keep the ugliness to myself for a few days and share a little project that I did for our master bedroom.

We used to have this little ottoman in our master bedroom:


My Dad gave it to me awhile back and I recovered it in the blue fabric. It was an improvement, but it was pretty drab. I loved the legs so I knew it could be cute. I played with some fabric and finally found something that looked good and helped pull the bedroom together.

Before and after ottoman makeover

Pretty big difference, right? It’s pretty amazing what the right fabric can do (and a little bit of extra ‘fluff’).

This was an easy peasy, five minute project. Basically, I pulled out all the staples from the underneath and unscrewed the legs.


I flipped it over and cut a piece of foam to fit.


Then I cut my new fabric and stapled it back on.


I probably would have flipped the foam over the other way and laid some batting on top to smooth it out… if I would have had batting. But, I didn’t have any so I just ran with it. It isn’t, by any means, a great upholstery job; but it gets the job done. When you have a cat that loves to sleep on it and a 4 year old that loves to jump off of it, you realize that things that look pretty and get the job done are great. =)

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed Paint for Master Bedroom

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m off to do more grunt-work.

Laundry Soap : Review

Do you remember when I made the homemade laundry soap? Well, I’m back (10+ months later) with my thoughts about it.

Just to rehash you memory. Here’s what the jar looked like before:


It cost me $27.88 for the soap.

Here I am 10+ months later:

Laundry Soap By Bigger Than The Three Of Us

I averaged 16.5 loads (wow, call me crazy but this seems like a lot!) a month. 166 loads for the last 10.5 months. I now know why I always feel like I’m doing laundry.

I went ahead and scooped out the remaining soap to see how many loads I was going to get out of it. I’m going to get 85 more loads (or about 4.5 months more).

So, the recipe made enough for 251 loads. Now, this all depends on how much you use per load. When I made the recipe (the OxyClean came with a scoop in it and I use that scoop at the 2 line). Sometimes, if it’s a smaller load then I use a bit less or if it’s muddy clothes then I use a bit more.

$0.11 was the final cost per load.

I had been using Tide which I know is one of the most expensive (at around .18 per load). So, compared to the tide this is a pretty big savings.

Ok, so onto what I think about it. I think it cleans our clothes the same as, if not better than, the Tide. I love the fact that I don’t have to pick up laundry soap at the store. I haven’t had any problems with the mixture getting hard, but I did put a small mesh bag in the bottom filled with a bit of rice (to absorb moisture).

I added the scent beads to the mixture when I made it. I haven’t noticed a difference in the smell of the clothes (they smell clean but I don’t necessarily smell the scent), so I will probably save myself the $6 and skip the beads next time. When I skip the scent beads, the total per load will go down to .08 a load. Which is pretty substantial, especially if you compare it to the original .18 for the Tide.

Would I make it again? Yep, definitely.

Have you ever made laundry soap or would you? I’m thinking about making some other cleaning-type products. So, if you have one you love… make sure to let me know!

Kitchen Lighting

Happy Monday! Man, I hated to see the weekend leave. Luke took Thursday and Friday off last week, so we had a four-day weekend together. It was so nice. We didn’t get a ton of house things done, but we did manage a little bit. The kitchen is definitely progressing! I’m so excited. It’s always a bit of a downer when you are surrounded by house renovation mess, and especially so, in the kitchen. So, for the kitchen to be making progress is huge. I know that I said we were doing a kitchen renovation and then I said we weren’t and then I said we were again. We are taking one thing at a time with this and it will probably take us months until we have something pretty. But, I’ve been looking at pretty lights and have narrowed my choices down so I thought I would share.

First, let’s take a look at what we’re replacing.

Kitchen plans by Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Replace fan and sink light copy

Ok, so here are some options that I’ve come up with.

Kitchen Light Options by Bigger Than The Three Of US

Ceiling light / Minka Lavery gold lamp / Semi flush mount ceiling light / Ceiling light / Serveware / Orbit 8 / Globe Pendant Milk Finish / Isaac 1 Light Pendant Natural Brass

Most of the lights are pretty budget friendly… well for lights anyways. But, I adore the bottom middle and let’s just say that it would definitely be a stretch. That being said, we invested in our living room light and we love it. I think that lights can make a room, so if you are going to spend somewhere, maybe they should be it. =)

I think I’m going to pull the trigger on one of these within the week. Excited!

30 Before I’m 30

Psst, want to know a secret? I turned 29 yesterday! One more year until I’m thirty! Crazy.

I thought I would share a little more about myself through 30 things that I want to do before I’m 30. Some will be personal and some will be house related but they will all be things that I want to accomplish this year.

1. Hit up all the thrift stores in town (not all on the same day, but I want to see if I’m missing any gems!).

2. Finish the hallway bathroom.

White washed wood tile in hallway bathroom

3. Survive Disneyland with a toddler.

4. Have a family photoshoot done in the snow.

5. Travel to another Chiefs game in an opposing team’s stadium (just call me a rebel!).


(We do an annual game with my whole family, which we love, but on my bucket list is to see the Chiefs play in every stadium in the NFL).

6. Be healthy (join a gym and start being active).

7. Try to be more compassionate.

8.  Have a playdate and let the kids play in the mud.

9. Have a monthly dinner party (with friends or family) at our house.

10. Have a “Come use our crapper” party once the bathroom is finished.

11. Make weekly date night a priority.

12. Go to a farm-to-table dinner.

13. Continue to be silly with the little guy.

14. Have more dance parties.

15. Hand paint a wall with some cool design (or rather motivate Luke to do this).

16. Get the basement under control. It doesn’t need to look like a dungeon in there.

17. Paint over the hideous coral color in the guest bedroom (eeks… what was I thinking?).

18. Do a brewery tour in KC.

19. Start on my studio (more about that coming soon!).

20. Be more content in the phase that we are in.

21. Continue to instill a love of travel in the little one.


22. Have more meaningful conversations with my besties.

23. Get the dang water fountain working on the patio.

24. Stop to enjoy the little moments more.

photo (2)

25. Make the Farmers’ Market part of our weekly grocery shopping.

26. Get rid of the big dirt pile in our driveway.

27. Make a cleaning schedule that I can actually stick with.

28. Purge my closet.

29. Do random acts of kindness.

30. Be in the Moment.

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are off to some birthday celebrations and just family time. I’m excited!

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Spring House Tour

I’m teaming up with 13 other bloggers this week to bring you some amazing Spring Home Tours. Seriously, Monday and Tuesday’s features were so good. If you missed them, don’t worry, I’ll link to them at the bottom of this post!


To be honest, when the subject of doing a Spring House Tour was broached, I was hesitant. I’m definitely not a seasonal decorator. I love the ideas of what other people come up with for seasonal decorating, it’s just not me. So, I wasn’t sure if I would be a good fit for a “Spring Parade of Homes”. But, then I got to thinking about what I do love about Spring/Summer. I love lighter walls and plants. I love clean/minimal spaces but spaces that evoke a feeling of family. So, I’m going with those things today and those things to me mean Spring.

Luckily for me, the areas I’m showing are bright and Spring-like (good thing, I wasn’t asked to participate in a fall tour – lol).

Let’s start with our front porch.

Front Porch with house numbers and DIY Rug

We recently added the DIY house numbers and concrete planters. Both of those really help add some interest.

Front Porch with bunting and DIY wreath and rug

The fabric bunting was a quick little project. I had never made a fabric bunting before this one (what is wrong with me?). The wreath, my hubby made from the tutorial on Vintage Revivals.

Large succulents on front porch

I had lilies in the pots last year, and I needed something that was easier this year. Extra-large succulents fit the bill.


In the formal dining room, I set a glass inside of a larger vase and stuck some flowers in it. I love how easy and simple it is and I think I will just keep clipping flowers to place in there all summer.

Formal Dining Room made not so formal by Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Bright and casual 'formal dining room'

Flowers from the garden in the formal dining room

Garden flowers in the formal dining room

We just finished our master bedroom and I think it has the perfect spring feel.

DIY Bamboo Blinds in Master Bedroom

Adding the plants with the texture of the DIY bamboo shades really make the room spring-like and homey.

West Elm Dresser paired with a DIY Painted canvas and family photos

Penny Tile DIY Table Top

You can see the full room reveal here.

That’s all for my Spring Tour. Glad you stopped by.

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