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Throwback Thursday :: 2014 Favorite Summer Projects

Alright, should we just say it? Summer is over. Here in the midwest it will be any day now that leaves are going to fall. I adore summer, but I also love fall. Boots, hot chocolate, jeans and sweatshirts, FOOTBALL … I’m excited for fall. But, I thought I would share just a few of my favorite projects that Luke and I did over the summer before we welcome fall.

Our Anthropologie Inspired Mirror is going to be a favorite project of mine for quite some time!


DIY Lotus Inspired Wood Mirror by Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Our Umbrella makeover is holding up well and I just adore seeing it from the kitchen every day.

Urban Outfitters Inspired DIY Patio -2

Umbrella Refresh Knock Out Knock Offs

Nothing says summer like traveling, right? I still am loving our Travel Coin Art.

How to Display Travel Coins

Last but not least, our bullet planter.

Mid Century Planter Tutorial by Bigger Than The Three Of Us DIY Bullet Planter by Bigger Than The Three OF Us

Are you ready for fall?

Thrifted Rug

Greyson and I took my Grandma for a donut date last Friday. On a whim, we decided to pop in a thrift store on the way to drop my Grandma back off. I’m so glad we did, because I found the coolest rug for so cheap! Ten dollars to be exact.

Thrifted Rug for ten dollars for Kitchen

I’ve been thinking about a rug under our kitchen table for quite some time, but I knew I didn’t want to shell out big bucks for one. If I spent lots of money on one, then I would be stressed about food spills, sand from the sandbox, etc. This one is one of those plastic woven indoor/outdoor rugs. Right now it bunches up underneath the table, but I have two different ideas to try to make it better. One is a thicker rug pad. I’m thinking one kinda like this. I think I could sew the edges of the rug to the rug pad and that would keep everything in place. Do you all think that would work?

Another idea I had was to buy a cheap rug pad (the perforated dot kind) and layer a jute rug on that with this plastic rug on top.I could sew the plastic rug edges to the jute rug. I love the idea of layering rugs. Do you all think that would be too much underneath a table? I’m just not sure.

I keep coming back to these two images for our eat-in.





If anyone knows the original sources, I would love to know!

Anyways, so with those two images in mind, I just want to keep adding layers in there until we get the look that we are going for.

Kitchen Progress with thrifted Rug

I couldn’t resist one picture with our DIY bullet planter. Love that sucker!

Thrifted Rug and DIY Bullet Planter


Guest Posting :: Tatertots and Jello

I’m just popping in real fast to let you know that I have a guest post up today at Tatertots and Jello. I’m so excited to be sharing a tutorial for the ever-popular bullet planter. Yay. So, go on over and let me know what you think.

DIY Bullet Planter Tutorial

Repurposed :: Wall Hanging

It’s that time of the month again where I team up with a great bunch of ladies for “Repurpose, Recycle and Reuse” tutorials. Yay! This collaboration gives me a kick in the rear every month and actually helps me get something done. So, yay for getting something done! Ha. Anyways, for this month I tackled a yarn wall hanging. I’m sure you’ve seen them floating around Pinterest. They are crazy beautiful and I especially love the intricacies of this one by Brynne at The Gathered Home although at this point that is outside of my skill set! So, I did a play on a wall hanging… the easy way!

Repurposed String Art by Bigger Than the Three Of Us

Let’s start off with why this project is repurposed. Well, the stick comes from the yard. Yay for repurposing! Lol. The wooden beads and twine; I had in a random craft box. I had to buy the chunky yarn, but that was it.

Ok, ready for a short and sweet little how-to?

Gather supplies: 

1. Stick

2. Wooden beads

3. Twine

4. Chunky Yarn ( I got mine for $3 from Hobby Lobby using a 50% coupon)

#yarn #stick #woodenbeads #tutorial

Determine how long your strings should be:

#wallhanging #tutorial #diyart

Here’s a small bit of advice. Go longer than you think you want to go, that way you have room to make adjustments at the end.

Cut 25-45 pieces of string to get started.

Start looping strings around your stick. Pull the other end of the string through the loop to make a simple knot.


Randomly add wooden beads:

Threading the yarn through the bead for wall hanging by Bigger Than the Three OF Us

Hang on the wall and then trim as needed. 

#simplediy #yarnwallhanging #diyart #simpleart #diyart #wallart

Wal Hanging DIY in Kitchen

Repurposed String Art by Bigger Than the Three Of Us

Ready to see what the other projects for the month are?

Thrifty and Chic made an upcycled cardboard and tissue wall.


Lovely Etc upcycled a lampshade into a basket.


Holly from Life as a Thrifter Updated this Train Case.


The DIY’ers

Did you guys have a good holiday weekend? We had some lake/pool plans that got canceled due to the weather which was a bummer. On the positive side, we made some kitchen reno progress. So, I guess it worked out ok in the end. =)

The DIYers - logo

The other ladies and I are excited to see what you guys are going to link up this week!

Jennifer from Brave New Home

Kayla from Home Coming

Stephanie from Simply Dream & Create

Stephanie from Simply Dream and Create had the pleasure of picking our top three for the week.

The DIYers - Stephanie's Top 3 Picks

Carrie from Lovely Etc shared her chalkboard table update.


Shelly from DIY Mama shared her DIY Easy Weave Wall Hanging.


Holly from Love The Tompkins shared her DIY Faux Fireplace.


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