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Free Art Guide with Art Prints

Free Art Prints for Your Gallery Wall!

First off, thanks so much for all your kind feedback on our kitchen cabinets and doors. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to put cost details out, but I find that part so interesting when I read other blogs/websites, and I guess you guys do as well. So, anyways, thanks again. Today, I just wanted to…

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The Creative Gallery :: 165

Bright and Fresh living room

Welcome to The Creative Gallery! We’re so happy you could join us! Hosted by: Katie at The Casual Craftlete Amy at A Blossoming Life Kristi at Making it in the Mountains Emily at Our House Now a Home Ashley at Bigger than the Three of Us Want to get to know me (and Bigger Than…

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Best Ever Homemade No Knead Yeast Rolls

Look no further! This is the best recipe for a Homemade Yeast Roll.

I’m posting a recipe, can you believe it? Actually, if you’ve been here long then you’ve read about a recipe or two. Possibly 3 or 4 if you count drink recipes. But, not many for sure. One of the things that I want to do this year with the blog is incorporate a bit more…

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How to Organize a Small Pantry

Simple Steps to Organizing a Small Pantry

If you want a ‘Pinterest-Pretty’ pantry then you probably need to head over to Pinterest, because you aren’t going to see a perfect pantry here. Not that there’s anything wrong with a gorgeous pantry. To be quite honest, I’m drooling over this pantry: via Isn’t it spectacular?

The Creative Gallery :: 164

Rustic Letters

It’s Sunday again. It feels like this link-up just sneaks up on me every week. The funny thing is that we were extremely lazy this weekend. We did a few small things around the house, but that was about it. It was nice, but we already have a plan for next weekend. I can’t have…

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Decluttered and Refreshed Guest Bedroom

Mid-Century Bedroom

Wow, I’m completely off this week. I totally missed posting on Wednesday. We got ice here on Tuesday, so school was out on Wednesday. Then, Wednesday night we got snow, so school was out again on Thursday. Basically, all of that’s to say that I’m a complete slacker and couldn’t get my stuff together. =) Anyways,…

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Our 2016 Renovation Plan

Added mulch and trimmed trees

I couldn’t let January get away from me before I wrote down our plans for this year. I meant to do this weeks ago, but better late than never, right? We started and finished quite a few projects last year. I’m so proud of the loft, magnetic wall, Greyson’s room, eat-in kitchen and guest bedroom. Those…

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